JIMAR Resources Corporation strives to offer all of our clients a single, integrated source for all of their pre and post-acquisition and divestiture land needs. Our commitment, through sound industry practices and proven processes, assures our clients that they are receiving a thorough analysis of their acquisitions and complete data preparation for their divestitures. That’s the JIMAR advantage. We offer a crucial service for the industry at a fair price and we are confident that our leadership and experience is of the highest caliber. When a buyer or seller becomes a client, our goal is to become the primary provider for all of their future acquisition, divestiture and data management services.



Transaction Support
& Consultation

  • Acquisition and divestiture due diligence
  • Deal consultation
  • Analysis of the seller’s files and ownership verification
  • Contract review and well trades
  • Title verification and encumbrance identification
  • Closing documents preparation
  • Acquisition and divestiture file generation
  • Data conversion and data integrity

Data Management

  • In-house support
  • Land record analysis, organization, and modification
  • Land department implementation and on-going support
  • Missing contracts and agreements procedure
  • Advanced GIS mapping

Field Services

  • Lease acquisition
  • Title verification and curative
  • Lease take-off and runsheet packages
  • Right of way and permitting
  • Damage settlement


JIMAR is a fully integrated land services advisory team of professionals that provides transactional and due diligence services for energy assets in prominent resource plays and other basins throughout the United States.

We have a proven track record of leveraging cost savings during acquisitions and divestitures. Our fully integrated land services ensure buyers and sellers alike are getting exactly what they are paying for.

JIMAR Where Experience Counts

Completed due diligence for hundreds of clients on assets with values from a few million dollars to over four billion dollars

Worked in­house to update and integrate land department electronic data, redesigned file rooms for small companies and have been instrumental in developing land departments for new companies.

Conducted all phases of field work.


JIMAR’s almost 3 decades of presence and success in land and transactional services ensures you are working with seasoned due diligence professionals that perform with adherence to the AAPL Code of Ethics and follow best practices that are continuously reviewed and improved by JIMAR management. JIMAR is uniquely positioned to identify potential problems during pre and post-acquisition analysis.

Our history began in 1993 when the company was founded by Jim and Mary Ruth Perkins. After decades of successfully serving the oil and gas industry, they are now enjoying retirement, their eight grandchildren, and extensive travel .


Joe Oslin is the President of JIMAR, heads our Dallas office and has over 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry.


Joe Oslin is the President of JIMAR, heads the Dallas office and has over 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. He began his career as a geologist for an independent exploration company and after eight years working the geological aspects of the business Joe evolved into the land side of the business and went to work for JIMAR Resources Corporation. From that point he has worked his way from staff land contractor to crew chief and eventually to president of the company.

Joe received a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from Texas Tech University and a B.S. in Geology from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is a long-time resident of Richardson, Texas and grew up around the Oil & Gas industry. He is a father of two sons and a daughter and a grandfather of two grandsons. He is a member of the AAPL and is active in his community.

John A. Hunt is V.P. and Treasurer for Jimar, manages our office in Houston’s Energy Corridor and has over 25 years Oil & Gas experience.


John A. Hunt is Vice President and Treasurer for Jimar and has over 25 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry. John manages our office in Houston's Energy Corridor. John’s duties include leading JIMAR crews on projects and working directly with clients. Beginning in 1981 at an independent E&P company, he has covered many aspects of land management as both a staff landman and as a contractor. He has worked in several active basins, including East Texas, Louisiana, the Permian Basin, the Mid-Continent, the Appalachian region, the Williston Basin, and the Rocky Mountain region including the San Juan and Powder River Basins.

John is a member of the AAPL, HAPL, and holds the Certified Professional Landman (CPL) designation. He received a B.B.A. in Petroleum Land Management from the University of Oklahoma and holds a B.S. in M.I.S. from Central State University in Oklahoma. He enjoys spending time with his family and is active in his church and community.


Philip R. "Rusty" Rice - VP Land
Sydri Energy Group - Dallas, Texas

“JIMAR assisted my company with the gulf coast asset from Linn Energy in 2017. The due diligence conducted was very detailed. We acquired two fields and over 150 wells which we acquired minerals and overriding royalty interest under. The two fields were legacy fields discovered in the 1940 and 1950. They provided excellent work product including Acquisition Folders on each field which reduced ongoing work. Then they did the DD for another acquisition we did in 2021. Again they provided a very skilled team and did a great job. They are also very helpful on day to day operations after the DD is completed. I recommend JIMAR”

Jimmy Death (Retired) Senior V.P. - Land
XTO Energy Inc.

“Prior to my retirement from Cross Timbers Oil Company/XTO Energy Inc., the management team at JIMAR Resources worked closely with me for more than seventeen years. Beginning with XTO's acquisition of properties from EEX, JIMAR performed the due diligence on hundreds of acquisitions totaling approximately $30 Billion which included review of the Closing Documents. Often we worked multiple acquisitions concurrently. JIMAR's work was always performed timely under tight deadlines with the transactions closing on time. JIMAR provided outstanding representation, made my job easier and I could always count on them.”

Tanos Exploration II, LLC
Brian R. Durman, V.P. - Land, Tyler, Texas

“JIMAR spearheaded several due diligence projects for Tanos Exploration I, LLC in the past several years. Most recently they handled the due diligence for Tanos Exploration II, LLC’s first acquisition. JIMAR has a proven track record with Tanos of conducting its business in a very professional manner as well as delivery of a first class finished project. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch due diligence team.”

Black Mountain Oil & Gas LLC
Luke Mildren - V.P. of Land - Ft. Worth, Texas

“Since Black Mountains inception, JIMAR has been by our side conducting due diligence and making sure that we didn’t make any missteps along the way. Within six months of our start, Black Mountain closed on over 20 acquisitions in which JIMAR was a crucial part of making this happen. Their ability to move swiftly and accurately allowed us to close deals that many other companies would struggle with.”

EXCO Resources, Inc.
Jack Walker, Land Director - Dallas, Texas

“I have used JIMAR for acquisition due diligence for two large Louisiana acquisitions. The JIMAR crews were experienced performing both field and in-house services in ascertaining title status of the properties to be acquired. JIMAR has also provided experienced in-house personnel for short-term projects involving data analysis and system integration.”

Montage Resources Corp
Tracy Miskofsky – Land Manager – Marietta, Ohio

“JIMAR provided in-house due diligence for us for two large acquisitions of properties in Ohio and West Virginia. The JIMAR crew provided thorough analysis and review of both leasehold and producing properties. We can recommend JIMAR to provide professional and capable land services for acquisition due diligence.”

BlackWell Exploration & Development, LLC
David L. Schrader, Vice President - Dallas, Texas

“Jimar has completed multiple land projects for Blackwell over the previous ten-year period. Including but not limited to leasing, acquisitions and title runs. The staff and employees were always professional and ready to assist. The continued relationship speaks for itself.”

Memorial Resource Development Corp.
Kevin Carnahan, Senior Landman – Houston, Texas

“Jimar has assisted Memorial Production Partners with various due diligence projects over the past couple of years. They provide a high quality work product that continues to be helpful in our day to day management of our properties”

Glori Energy, Inc.
Thomas Holland - Sr. VP.Acquisitions & Production - Houston, Texas

“JIMAR handled Land due diligence for Glori’s acquisition of two producing fields in East Texas. For both responsive service and technical proficiency, JIMAR came through with flying colors. Their team is skilled, worked very well with the seller’s staff, and delivered their work to the examining attorneys on time. I highly recommend JIMAR.”


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